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Ruth Squibb was born in 1928, in the United Kingdom

Ruth Squibb was born in Portsmouth and spent her childhood in Glasgow.  Her father worked in the Admiralty and was posted to Hong Kong before World War II.  From there the family moved to South Africa where she completed her education in Johannesburg.   Her earliest memories are of family visits to Portsmouth, walks in the dockyards and Sundays spent with her father visiting the National Art Gallery in London.  Today she lives and works in the Western Cape.  Ruth feels that her approach to oil painting is rooted in her English sensibility. Pragmatic and direct she paints weathered and seasoned land, harbour and city scenes with no attempt to romanticize the content.

Respected by collectors and artists alike for the integrity of her work, she is known as a "Painter of Light", favourite subject of the impressionist painters. The remote diffuse winter light shed upon the steep streets and serried facades of the Bo-kaap terrace houses, mist veiling and revealing details of the scene in an ambient luminosity.  The sea, reflecting the hulls of the boats in mobile motes of light.  The midday heat draining the colour from the minarets, etching the palms across cloudless blue skies.  The reflected light of a cloudy day saturates the landscape in rich tones of colour.

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