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Piet van Heerden painting of a landscape

Landscape near Springbok

R25 200  /  R25 500

30.5 x 40.5cm

Piet van Heerden painting of a landscape

Namaqualand Landscape

R19 950  /  R20 200

23 x 40.5cm

Kenneth Baker painting of District Six Cape Town

District Six, Cape Town

R19 800  /  R21 500

53.5 x 43cm

Otto Klar painting of a magnolia flower in a vase

Magnolia in a Vase

R37 900  /  R38 500

20.5 x 26.5cm

Christiaan Nice painting of an informal settlement | Christiaan Nice | Robertson Art Gallery

Informal Settlement

R29 500  /  R29 900

25 x 40.5cm

David Botha painting of a still life

Still Life with Bottle & Fruit – 36/100

R4 700  /  R4 990

32 x 24cm

James Vicary Thackwray painting of a woman and a child walking in District Six in Cape Town

Two figures, District Six

R15 900  /  R16 500

55 x 67cm

Frans Claerhout painting of a women with babies and chickens

Women with Babies & Chickens

R12 400  /  R12 800

60 x 41cm

Amos Langdown painting of three children sitting around a fire | Amos Langdown | Robertson Art Gallery

Children Around a Fire

R25 800  /  R26 800

40 x 30cm

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