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Fiona Ewan

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Fiona Ewan Rowett painting of an abstract

Black and White Abstract II

R11 990  /  R13 500

70.5 x 50cm

Fiona Ewan Rowett painting of an abstract

Finding the Balance

R22 990  /  R26 300

70.5 x 100cm

Fiona Ewan Rowett painting of an abstract

Black and White Abstract I

R11 990  /  R13 500

71 x 50cm

Fiona Ewan Rowett painting of a red bowl with two apples| Robertson Art Gallery

Breakfast with Red Bowl

R11 990  /  R13 500

50 x 71cm

I paint mainly in mixed media and acrylics on paper and canvas seeking to make spontaneous ‘mark’ using a variety of subjects –landscapes; figures; abstracts ; floral studies .

Having used natural form as a starting point Fiona is presently drawn to the fundamental, more challenging abstract composition. Working intuitively, she searches for that elusive combination of subconscious mark making and the pulling and pushing of elements to find the sense of closure given by a finished painting. Her passion is not to describe the world as she sees it but to delve into the invisible world of sensation, dreams - that space between. Like a wisp of smoke - seen and not seen - here now and gone in an instant. The challenge was to capture those fleeting moments and create a visible beauty.

BA (Art) S.T.D. – UCT (1971) - FWSSA – (1993)

After a short teaching career, I have been exhibiting since 1975. Represented in corporate and private Collections world wide.


Over 25 solo exhibition – mainly Gauteng and Eastern Cape. Numerous group exhibitions here and overseas

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