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Elbe van Rooyen's painting of a girl wandering in the ocean

Ocean’s Little Wanderer


30 x 24cm

Elbe van Rooyen painting of two girls playing at the beach

Beach Friends


40 x 30cm

Elbé van Rooyen painting of a woman wearing a blue dress, sitting down resting her head on her left hand



70 x 50cm

Elbe van Rooyen painting of a colourful bunch of flowers

Burst of Blossoms


100 x 80cm

Elbé van Rooyen | Robertson Art Gallery



27 x 22cm

Reflection | Robertson Art Gallery



27 x 22cm

Elbé van Rooyen painting | Robertson Art Gallery



55 x 46cm

Elbé van Rooyen painting of a woman sitting down daydreaming



27 x 22cm

Elbé van Rooyen was born in 1961 in Greytown, South Africa. She exhibited her work for the first time at the tender age of fourteen; even at this early stage her unique talent had already become evident. In the years that followed, her artistic abilities and range grew from strength to strength. After completing her studies at the Rand Afrikaans University and the University of Pretoria, she pursued a career as an executive in the corprorate world. This demanding life, however, could not separate her from her passion for painting. As her reputation as an artist grew and numerous commissions followed, she decided in 1999 to devote all time and effort entirely to her art.

Incorporating a distinctive style, Elbé’s work captivates her audience with it’s delightful essence. Bursting with vitality and dream-like diffusion, these paintings offer a complete, self-contained world that belongs to the artist alone. With a strong sense of Victorian romance her art continues to surpass the bounds of impressionism and attains the greatness of classicism. Elbé draws from the real world only what she enjoys, depicting subjects such as children and flowers, and ultimately paying tribute to the beauty of femininity in colourful landscapes suffused with light.

Her natural ability to portray timeless serenity and splendour on the canvas has led to widespread recognition with both local and overseas clients, resulting in an ever-growing demand for her work. She lives in the picturesque Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands where she works from her studio at home.
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