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Derric van Rensburg painting | Derric van Rensburg | Robertson Art Gallery

Riebeeck Kasteel

R30 300  /  R32 100

59.5 x 79.5cm

Hex River Valley

R34 000  /  R35 800

59.5 x 91.5cm

Derric van Rensburg painting of the Moederkerk in Stellenbosch

Moederkerk, Stellenbosch

R30 350  /  R32 100

60 x 79.5cm

Derric van Rensburg painting

Stellenbosch Vineyards

R34 000  /  R35 800

59.5 x 90cm

Derric van Rensburg painting of guineafowls

Confusion of Guineafowl

R24 950  /  R25 950

50 x 50cm

Derric van Rensburg painting of vineyards in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Vineyards II

R34 000  /  R35 800

60 x 90cm

Derric van Rensburg painting | Robertson Art Gallery

Late afternoon stroll at Waenhuiskrans, Arniston

R30 350  /  R32 100

59.5 x 80cm

Derric van Rensburg painting of a landscape

Berg River, Franschhoek

R20 250  /  R21 590

39.5 x 59.5cm

Derric van Rensburg painting | Robertson Art Gallery

Wilderness Dreaming

R20 240  /  R21 500

39.5 x 59cm

Derric van Rensburg painting of the waterfront with Table Mountain in the background

Table Mountain from the Waterfront

R28 950  /  R30 500

45 x 85cm

Derric van Rensburg painting

Cock of the Walk


50 x 50cm

Derric van Rensburg painting of yachts sailing into the sunset

Sailing at Sunset


80 x 120cm

Derric van Rensburg: Internationally Acclaimed Impressionist Painter from South Africa

Derric van Rensburg is a celebrated artist renowned for his exceptional impressionist artworks, establishing him as one of South Africa's foremost creative talents. His captivating portfolio encompasses vivid landscapes, the Western Cape's picturesque vineyards, abstract wildlife, and the masterful use of vibrant acrylic hues.

Emerging from humble origins, Derric has ascended to a prominent position within both local and global art circles. With an enduring affinity for the natural world since childhood, this prolific artist draws inspiration from Africa's bountiful beauty, its diverse people, and its thriving fauna and flora. His versatile brushwork, occasional abstract intensity, and ingenious impressionist touch consistently capture the authentic aesthetic essence of the rugged continent. His artistic journey began at age ten with his inaugural pencil sketch, evolving through a career in the commercial and manufacturing sectors of creative arts. His path eventually led to art instruction before fully embracing his identity as a professional artist in 1986. Beyond personal achievements, Derric has generously nurtured emerging talents in South Africa, imparting his expertise through teaching, workshops, and private tutorials across the nation.

Derric's artistry has graced exhibitions across South Africa, as well as in Portugal, England, Germany, Italy, and Australia. His creations often find a place among multinational corporate collections and prestigious South African hotels.

Born in 1952 in Cape Town, South Africa, Derric's artistic journey ignited during visits to his family's farm in De Vlugt, nestled between Knysna and Uniondale. His schooling in Cape Town included formal training in graphic art, igniting his creative path. Despite a successful trajectory in the commercial arts, a yearning to pursue pure artistry persisted. In 1986, spurred on by his wife's encouragement, Derric transitioned to full-time painting, marking a turning point in his artistic voyage.

An idyllic six-year chapter in Greyton, situated in the Overberg region, left an indelible mark on Derric's work. The area's breathtaking landscapes, akin to France's Provencal region, continue to influence his signature style. Upon returning to Cape Town in 1996, new vistas like the vibrant Malay Quarter and cityscapes enriched his creative repertoire.

Early career choices led Derric to experiment with acrylic and watercolor mediums. Acrylic, his original preference, ultimately prevailed, offering him creative freedom and a broader audience, especially with his wildlife artworks. Notably, art historian Professor Dr. Friedrich's critique in Germany encapsulated Derric's unique artistic approach, rooted in an "Earthscape" concept that marries abstract non-figurative art with environmental consciousness.

Derric's palette is a symphony of vivid colors and rich textures, reflecting his sentiments about the southern tip of Africa. His artworks often feature the vibrant vineyards of Hex River Valley, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Worcester, and Robertsons, capturing their evolving beauty through changing seasons and light. Critics have praised his works for their immersive color palettes and juxtapositions that evoke imagination.

Derric finds inspiration in the adage "10% inspiration, 90% perspiration." His creative engine room resides in his studio, where he transforms manipulated photos into vibrant canvases. Influenced by Old Masters like Van Gogh and Rembrandt, Derric admires their life stories and craftsmanship. On the South African stage, Pieter Wenning and Hugo Naude have been guiding lights for his artistry.

Derric's artistic journey commenced with a sold-out 1976 exhibition in Cape Town. His subsequent showcases have spanned the globe, from South Africa to Portugal, England, Italy, and Australia. His creations grace the collections of esteemed multinational corporations including First National Bank, South African Airways, and more, as well as renowned hotels across South Africa and abroad.

Derric's art has found homes in residences and corporate spaces across continents, a testament to his universal appeal.

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