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Carter (1874 - 1945)

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Sydney Carter painting of a landscape

Summer Landscape


42.5 x 53cm

Born 1874 Enfield, Middlesex, England Died 1945 Harrismith, Free State, South Africa. Sydney Carter was a painter of landscapes, generally incorporating trees, and of portraits. A cartoonist, he painted in oil and gouache (method of painting in opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a glue-like substance). After being ignored in favour of his more-well known counterparts for many decades, Carter's works are now being sought after by South African collectors. Having studied at various art institutions in London including the Royal College of Art, Carter was illustrator to editions of works by authors such as Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and Dorothea Fairbridge's Skiddle. Carter participated in several group exhibitions in London, Paris and South Africa and held numerous solo exhibitions in South Africa. A Gilbert Garrett prize winner, his work is exhibited in several South African museums and collections.
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